Your support is vital in order to maintain the Keep it 100 Essex website and to continue providing support and valuable information to those under 25’s that so desperately are in need….. before it’s too late.

The Only Sharp Weapon Anyone needs – is a Sharp Mind!

The Keep It 100 motive is simple – they assist in raising aspirations for Under 25’s who live, work or study in Essex. Their work is based on 3 key areas.

Fixing the negatives,

• Developing positivity & productivity,

• Promoting the power of inclusive lifestyles.

They began in 2018, with a focus on enhancing engagement within Digital, Arts, Media and Sports as ways of creating attractive alternatives to a life of crime, as either a pastime or a career pathway. A life lost to youth violence is the end of a story – their mission is to get those stories better understood, and as near to the beginning as possible. They do this by highlighting the contributing factors. The irreversible & catastrophic effects of youth violence ricochet through communities. For the victims, their loved ones and wider communities. Additionally, they focus on raising awareness surrounding the roots of perpetrating violent crime, and how we can prevent victims, by preventing perpetration, with a better understanding of what we can do as communities.

You can support Keep it 100 by donating to their GoFundMe page, here.

Don’t forget that the Kinfe Angel is here in Chelmsford thanks to the wonderful efforts of Keep it 100, be sure to visit Central Park in Chelmsford to see the amazing Knife Angel.

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