About Chelmsford CVS

Chelmsford CVS is an independent support and development organisation set up to champion, support and strengthen local charities, voluntary and community groups. As a local charity ourselves we:

Believe that voluntary and community action is essential for vibrant and caring local communities.

Offer specialist information and support to enable local people to develop the skills needed to run successful voluntary groups.

Spread good practice, encourage joint working, and discourage duplication of effort.

Help groups to find funding and make effective use of resources.

Encourage local people to make changes in their local community by getting involved in voluntary and community action.

Work with a variety of partners to develop and host local projects to help strengthen communities and meet identified need.

Promote equality and diversity by fostering a wider understanding of the needs of disadvantaged and under-represented groups.

Help public bodies to engage effectively with local voluntary organisations and community groups.

Ensure policy makers understand the needs of local voluntary organisations and community groups.

Our Board

Allison Lofthouse

John Knott

Tom Willis

Lynne Foster

Tracy Harris

Glenda Daines

Our Team

Lorraine Jarvis

Chief Officer

Hollie Allen

Hub & Helpline Co-ordinator

Sally Medd

Volunteer Centre & Projects Manager

Jane Latham

Social Prescribing Link Co-ordinator Team Leader

Frank Gyasi

Social Prescribing Link Co-ordinator

Penny Collantine

Social Prescribing Link Co-ordinator

Julie Clark

Social Prescribing Link Co-ordinator

Kellie Yarlett

Social Prescribing Link Co-ordinator

Verity Hyett

Volunteer Centre Assistant

Caroline Teplizki

Community Development Worker

Maria Regan

Social Prescribing Link Worker For Families

Chelmsford 4 Good Shop Volunteers

Brenda & 9 Volunteers

Men's Shedders

Our growing team of Men’s Shedders

Community Garden Volunteers

Our 3 teams of green-thumbed volunteers

Craft Group

Our group of volunteers knitting for good causes

My Weight Matters Volunteers

Maureen, Lesley, Helen, and Nicki

Finding the CVS

We are based in the heart of Chelmsford City, just around the corner from Chelmsford Train Station and Bus Station.