You can enhance a child’s life from as little as a weekend a month alongside a full-time job to providing full-time foster care. Essex County Council best match children to your family, offer bespoke local training and 24/7 professional support.

Nicola and Tony Hascomb say fostering a child with disabilities is the best thing they have ever done. Toni is the main carer and was initially apprehensive as he didn’t feel he had the relevant experience. Tony says: “I quickly got used to the child and their individual needs. Plus, I have amazing support from Essex County Council which has bolstered my confidence.”

Some foster carers bring transferrable skills from their professional or home life to the role. If you’ve worked in teaching, nursing or care, you’ll already have many of the skills you need to look after children with disabilities. 

Essex County Council has significantly increased their fees, you can receive on average £500-1000 per week per child plus allowances.

Watch the Hascomb’s video on their fostering experience or visit their website to find out more. Could you enhance a child’s life?

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