Backhouse Solicitors are delighted to announce that for every Will or Lasting Power of Attorney made they will donate either £25.00 or £50.00 directly to the charity of your choice. To take advantage of this offer simply quote code CVS when you sign up and they’ll do the rest.

Their qualified, expert Solicitors will discuss your family and financial circumstances and prepare a Will or Lasting Power of Attorney designed to carry out your wishes to the letter. Once you have approved and signed your Will they can register it, for free, with the National Wills Database and provide secure storage in our fireproof strongroom for as long as you need.

If you aren’t sure whether you need a Will here are a few things that you may wish to consider: Key fact: 58% of the adult population do not have a valid Will and most don’t realise what happens to their Estate in the event of their death. Don’t be one of those 58%!

If you are concerned about what happens to your bank accounts, property or business after you die, you should make a Will. It is particularly important if you are not married to your partner or if you have young children or dependants. Even if you already have a Will, the Government recommends that you should review it every 5 years, as some changes to your circumstances (e.g. marriage, separation or divorce) can make all or part of your old Will invalid or inadequate.

If you die Intestate (without leaving a Will) then your house, personal belongings, money and other assets are distributed using the Government’s rules. They will pass to your family in a strict order …. not necessarily how you would choose or in the shares that you would like!

A Will isn’t just about dividing up your property. You can appoint guardians to care for your children should you die before they reach adulthood. This saves your family having to apply to the courts which is time consuming, expensive and emotionally draining. A well drafted Will can also save your estate from a large Inheritance Tax bill, meaning more money for your family.

To book an appointment or, if you are a charity or organisation who would like to work with Backhouse, contact them today.

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