“South East and Central Essex Mind (SECE) is such a well-known local charity that I became excited when I read about the IES voluntary roles on the website. I have been volunteering for just over eight months now and have really enjoyed my time at Mind. I have grown in confidence both professionally and in my personal life. I have been able to help people from many different walks of life, and felt like I have been making a difference to people’s lives. Sometimes the content is challenging, but everyone is aware of this so they are very supportive and always around if I need to talk to someone. I am more aware of what mental health services are available in the area and have even been able to direct my friends and family to organisations that could help them.”

– Jessica, SECE Mind volunteer

SECE Mind have a vital phone, email and drop-in service called IES which would not be possible to deliver without their team of IES volunteers. And they’re recruiting!

If you join their team, you will get the opportunities to:

  • Gain experience of working in a professional mental health environment
  • Receive free CPD including Mental Health Training (levels 1 and 2), Dynamic Risk Assessment and Professional Boundaries Training
  • Have your expenses paid for and free tea and coffee.
  • Train under a BACP registered member organisation.

If you’re interested in finding out more about joining their team, please contact them on  IES@seandcessexmind.org.uk

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