It’s time to get volunteering. I myself have recently joined the Chelmsford Volunteering team after deciding that I want to gain credible work experience, and skills through volunteering. If you are looking to gain skills, work experience, andadd to your CV for potential employers then why wait? Join us today!

There are common misconceptions about voluntary work, however after I joined myself, I found that volunteering is an invaluable experience in terms of skill development and work experience. Below I can answer common misconceptions about volunteering;

“I do not want to work for free”

Volunteering provides invaluable work experience which can aid you in to getting a place at a University, or even a job. You are essentially not working for free, because the skills and experience that volunteering provide are helping you to develop professionally.

“It’s slave labour”

Volunteering is not about being given the awful tasks that everyone else doesn’t want to do, it is about what suits you personally, and what is going to help you to develop in your career and personal life. There are so many different areas and roles available in volunteering, there is something for everyone! Whether it’s designing websites and conducting interviews, admin, working with the elderly and disabled, or even working with young people. There is a wide range of job roles which will undoubtedly help you to develop as a person.

“I’m not old enough”

Anyone can volunteer! If you are just leaving school and want to gain credible work experience before you enter full-time paid employment, then volunteering is the right path. Volunteering looks brilliant on a CV, as it shows willingness and dedication to a job role.

“I do not have time”

This is a common misconception about volunteering. Volunteering does not require much of your time, and it provides invaluable work experience at the same time! Even just two hours a week or a month can provide skills and work experience for your future goals. There is no set amount of hours, or times, which means that you can work volunteering around your schedule.

If above I have not answered any concerns, or misconceptions you may have about volunteering, then please give us a call and we will be more than happy to answer your questions!

Here are some of the opportunities available right now at the Chelmsford Volunteering Centre:

News Team Volunteer  Volunteer to be part of a News Team! The News Team at Volunteer Essex will be responsible for managing the content of the site, including writing new posts, researching stories, carrying out interviews and putting together articles, managing social media and much much more.

Youth Support VolunteerIf your actions can inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you can be a youth volunteer. If you want to make a difference, being a youth volunteer offers a wide range of experiences for everyone.

Outreach Academy Volunteer The Outreach Academy runs sessions and workshops Monday to Friday for adults with disabilities from the age of 19 years and over. The sessions involve tutoring in life skills, literacy lessons, training and help in getting into voluntary or paid work along with travel training. Volunteers are needed to help out with running various activities and also in supporting the charities members in taking part in various activities.

Get in touch with Pauline or Julie on 01245 250731 or  now.

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