Marconi Science WorX wants to create a Civic Space project in Essex.

The development of radio and broadcasting is inextricably linked with Guglielmo Marconi and with the Company he founded. The Old Silk Mill in Hall Street, Chelmsford where he opened his first wireless telegraphy works in 1898, is the oldest and last building in the city with a direct link to Marconi that has not been converted for modern living or commercial use.

Marconi Science Worx want to purchase, or rent space in this building to create “Marconi’s Science WorX”, a dynamic, multi functional space where the inspirational history of Marconi’s pioneering work will be displayed and our young people can experiment, in a safe environment, with Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, at regular STEM clubs. Space will also be made available for local groups to hire to provide a range of much needed community activities.

They have a limited time to raise funds.  If you can help please see:

To see the feature on Anglia TV: 

For a poster to display and share: MarconiSOS poster

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