Free Training for Small Charities: 30th September

The Foundation for Social Improvement  is bringing a free training event to Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire so that small charities in the area can build the skills they need to become self sustaining.

The event offers courses on key fundraising skills such as Community and Events and Corporate Relationships.  There is also training on Project Management, Risk Management for Trustees, and Building Your Case for Support.  It fills up fast, so book your free place today to access this fantastic training opportunity.

Visit for more information and bookings. If you’re active on social media, please feel free to get involved: follow us on @theFSI or visit our Facebook page, 

Some feedback from previous events include:

“Fantastic to have this level of course for free, keep going with it, it’s fab!” – Cambridge Roadshow attendee

“The course was relevant and the content was excellent. It dealt with issues that are current and the advice given was extremely useful. Great presenters.

Thank you!”  – Newcastle Roadshow attendee

“The Major Donor course far exceeded my expectations. I really enjoyed it. Enjoyed the content, the people I met and enjoyed listening to the trainer. She is knowledgeable and experienced and it shows. Thank you”.  – Preston Roadshow attendee

The FSI has grown to be the largest provider of free capacity-building services to the small charity sector (they define a small charity as any 100% not for profit organisation with an annual turnover of less than £1.5m).   They deliver nearly £2 million in free services to small charities, including over 100 training days in London and centres around the UK, 1:1 advice clinics, conferences and fundraising platforms.

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