Anglia waterLet’s Keep It Clear Together



By following some simple steps, we can keep Chelmsford’s water flowing and the sewer system clear to do its job of taking used water and sewage safely away from homes and businesses. Here are some suggestions to prevent bad smells and blockages.

In the kitchen:-

  • Leave fats, oils and grease to cool, scrape into a sealable container, then either put it in your doorstep food waste caddy, take to a household waste recycling centre or bin it.
  • Whether they’re leftovers or peelings, food scraps should never go down the sink. They should be recycled or composted, taken to a household waste recycling centre or binned, depending on where you live.

In the bathroom:-

  • A bin is the best place for all your unflushable waste, so put one by the loo, so nobody’s tempted to flush.
  • Put wipes, cotton wool, floss and cotton buds in the bin.
  • Use bags or toilet paper to discreetly dispose of sanitary products – again, in the bin.

We can all take action to ensure cleaned water is returned safely to rivers and seas by keeping waste out of our sinks and toilets.  If we all recycle where we can and use bins for our waste, it can also save us all time and money.

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