#SteppingUp to create a stronger City

A new campaign comes to Chelmsford on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday next week (January 27-30) focusing on how local people can ‘step up’ to create stronger communities.

The #SteppingUp campaign puts the spotlight on five simple steps people can take which can have a hugely beneficial effect personally, in communities and for public services.

The five simple steps people are being encouraged to take are:

  • Volunteering – this could be anything from neighbourhood watch to coaching at sporting clubs
  • Providing informal care – for example, checking on vulnerable older neighbours
  • Giving children the best start in life – encouraging parents to take more responsibility for their children’s development and wellbeing
  • Keeping healthy and active – encouraging people to take more care of their own health and lead healthier lifestyles
  • Reusing and recycling more – 52.6 per cent of all household waste is now being recycled, composted or reused in Essex. We want to work with residents to encourage more use of kerbside recycling collections.

A multi-coloured cube will be outside Primark in the High Chelmer Shopping Centre, featuring interactive content, mini-quizzes and animations on the themes. People can sign up to volunteer and find out more about local activities.

The events are being run in partnership with Chelmsford Centre Supporting Voluntary Action and the NHS Mid Essex Clinical Commissioning Group who will be attending on Thursday and Friday.

Cllr John Spence, Cabinet Member for Finance on Essex County Council, said: “We’re talking about five steps but together they represent a triple-jump to mutual success. The more of these steps each of us take, the better it is for the individual, the community and the services we offer.

“Indeed, the #SteppingUp campaign will play an integral role in helping us assure quality of services despite financial constraints.”

Lorraine Jarvis, Chief Office of Chelmsford Centre Supporting Voluntary Action, said, “A keystone to strengthening communities is to provide people with ways to come together as friends, neighbours and citizens to solve problems and seize opportunities. 

 “The Centre Supporting Voluntary Action has been supporting Chelmsford’s voluntary and community sector for the last 20 years and is pleased to be involved with the #SteppingUp campaign to encourage greater community action.  We look forward to seeing you in Chelmsford!”

Dr Caroline Dollery, Chair of NHS Mid Essex Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “Taking good care of yourself is one of the single most important ways to ensure you live a long and healthy life.

“By communities stepping up and taking responsibility for their own health, and the health of others, there will be long term benefits for people who live in Essex.

“As a Clinical Commissioning Group, we work with partners to find ways we can give members of the public more control over their health and lifestyle options to prevent major health risks such as obesity, smoking and alcohol consumption.”

The campaign will be supported across Essex Council Council’s social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter. Follow it by searching for #SteppingUp

There is also a microsite – www.steppingup-essex.org

For a poster please to display please see: SteppingUp_Campaign_A4_Poster_Chelmsford_210x297 (2)

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