Disability4Sport has been given a licence from the FA to run a Cerebral Palsy Centre of Excellence for the Eastern Region. There is only 8 in the country.

Within this licence they cater for 12-15 years old (youth team) then 16+ (adult team).

They NEED HELP to identify players who may be eligible to trial for CP Centre of Excellence.  Example of players who are eligible, if they have, or who have had:

Cerebral Palsy, Head injuries, Meningitis, Encephalitis, Strokes, Friedricks Ataxia, Dystonia, Hydrocephalus, brain surgery if resulting in an impairment

Ultimately the centres job is to develop as many players as possible to progress on to the National England Cerebral Palsy Squads.

Could you or your club know the next superstar who takes part in the Paralympics or CP World Cup?

Please see:

For more information or to attend a football trial please call Abigail Saxon on:
01206 619631 or email: abigail@disability4sport.co.uk




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