Chelmsford Talking Newspaper – For blind or partially sighted people reading is a major undertaking, even with magnifying equipment, and may be impossible.  Many people begin to lose their sight as they grow older and find small print documents such as newspapers particularly difficult to read.  As a result they may lose track of local events and developments.

The team of volunteers at Chelmsford Talking Newspaper record a spoken version of the Essex Chronicle each week.  These are not computerised voices, it is real people with real voices.  Unlike some local radio stations, they include the Family Announcements section of the paper to help keep track of old friends and colleagues.

The recordings are supplied on small audio sticks which may plug into your existing sound equipment.  They can lend listeners a suitable player, if necessary, without charge.  The sticks can also be played through a computer and the recordings are on the Talking Newspaper website.  Each recording lasts 1.5 hours.

The recordings are posted each week in a special wallet and usually arrive on Saturday.  When the recording has been listed to, the audio stick is returned in the same wallet, FreePost.


In addition, the volunteers record an occasional magazine with useful and interesting information, stories and articles which is delivered in the same way.  Other people who may have difficulty reading a newspaper may also enjoy the service.

Additional services provided by Chelmsford Talking Newspapers include audio recordings of Minutes and documents for other Charities and organisations so that their blind or partially sighted members can enjoy full membership of their group.  A small fee is charged for this service – which can be reduced if the group members wish to read the information themselves.

To contact Chelmsford Talking Newspaper:

Telephone Pat 01245 354079

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