Victim Support celebrates 40th anniversary

Victim Support, the independent charity is celebrating 40 years of helping victims of crime and their families.

The charity is holding a celebratory event on Sunday 28th September 2014 at Parklands, Quendon Hall for staff, volunteers and guests.

From humble beginnings as a local community project, Victim Support has grown into the world’s biggest independent charity for victims and witnesses of crime. An estimated 55,000 people have volunteered for the charity since its inception in 1974 and have offered help and support to at least 30 million victims of crime.

As well as helping victims, and people affected by, a wide range of crimes, Victim Support supports more than 200,000 witnesses in every criminal court in England and Wales.  We also help families bereaved by homicide.

Heather Robbie, Divisional Manager for Victim Support Essex and Hertfordshire said:

 “I am very proud of the work we have done nationally and in Essex and Hertfordshire helping thousands of crime victims. The work of my staff and volunteers makes a real difference to many, many people’s lives.  I cannot thank them enough for the time and support that they give.

 We continue to provide a world-class service to victims and witnesses of crime and to do all that we can to ensure victims’ needs are put at the forefront of the criminal justice process.”

Anti-knife crime campaigner Brooke Kinsella MBE, who is an ambassador for Victim Support, said:

 “Victim Support was there for me and my family when we needed them most. I can honestly say that we couldn’t have got through the experience without them. The volunteer who helped us made such a difference to our lives with his kindness, patience and strength. So much more than a shoulder to cry on, he was truly a lifeline for us in the darkest of times.”

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