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Important Information: Early Intervention

Since 2013 Essex County Council (ECC) has commissioned Early Interventions for children, young people and families by way of grants through the Family Innovation Fund (FIF).  The latest FIF grant funded projects are due to complete by 31st March 2015.

Essex County Council are issuing this notice to inform you that ECC will be continuing to fund Early Intervention for children, young people (-9 months to 19 years) and families but that they are reviewing the way in which those interventions will be commissioned post April 2015.  Therefore the FIF, by way of grants, will not be available in its current format beyond that date.

The process of analysing Early Intervention needs against demand is underway along with the assessment of the evidence of what interventions work best to deliver the priority outcomes that will emerge from that analysis.   The combination of this work will define their commissioning strategy.

They anticipate procurement processes will be launched on Ariba at the end of 2014 and they will be advertised on the Essex County Council opportunities page as usual.  They therefore recommend you check this page regularly and ensure the contact details on your Ariba account are correct to avoid delays if you wish to participate.  If you have registered your company on the Ariba system, or added new employees to an existing provider Ariba account, your Ariba users will receive e-mail confirmation of their Essex County Council account approval.  If confirmation has not been received please contact them and this will be reviewed in September 2014.

If you have any queries please contact the Commercial Lead


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