The Chair of the Essex Compact Steering Group Canon John Brown is recommending the draft text of a new Essex Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) Framework.

The VCS Framework represents a revised approach for public sector partners in their relationship with the VCS. In line with Compact principles it sets out some expectations that each sector can have of the other. It is recognised that one size will not fit all. The VCS in Essex is large and extremely diverse with an estimated 10,000 voluntary and community sector organisations.  Equally the public service landscape in Essex is highly complex.

The Framework builds on the work of the Essex Compact but aims to go further in setting out a number of actions that will help us achieve our shared aim of strong and resilient communities supported by a thriving voluntary and community sector (VCS).

It is proposed that Essex Partnership owns the VCS Framework with the Essex Compact Steering Group taking responsibility for promoting and monitoring progress of it.  The Essex Compact Steering Group has revised its membership so that it is better placed to network and engage with partners in regard to adopting both the Compact and the Framework.

As a sign of our commitment to working together, we are looking for public sector partners to formally sign up to the Framework by October 2014 through their own organisational governance mechanisms. In signing up to the Framework, we expect that public bodies will also re-affirm their commitment to the Essex Compact”.

To view the framework: VCS Strategic Framework

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