Working Together training is available to partners who support and work with children, young people and families and also those who are working and/or supporting adults where children are present within the family.

The Working Together Website contains useful information and resources relating to partnership working. As well as details of the various training options available such as…
1. Face to face training courses
2. Social Care Courses open to external organisations (Charges apply)
3. On line e-learning courses.

You can find further information at

You will need to register your details in order to log into the site and view further information such as dates and venues.

If you are not a registered user, instructions on how to register are provided.

Multi Agency / Partnership Training

Classroom Based Training
• Assessment – Approaches and Access to Support
• Gaining Consent and Information Sharing
• Motivational Interviewing Workshop
• Engaging with Families

Social Care Courses open to external organisations
The Following charges will apply
Private and profit making Organisations £75 per delegate
Public Sector £50 per delegate
Voluntary and Non-profit making organisations £25 per delegate

• A world of Difference: Working Effectively with Diversity
• Bereavement and Loss
• Chronologies
• Creating Change: Responding to Neglect and Emotional Abuse
• Direct Work & Communicating with C&YP
• Impact of Domestic Abuse
• Impact of Parents and Carers with Mental Health Concerns
• Law for Social Workers: Human rights, The children Act and the PLO
• Neuro-Science, Brain development and Impact of Childhood health Concerns
• Perpetrators and Victims: Child Sexual Abuse
• Self-Harming
• Sexual Exploitation and Child Trafficking
• Supporting Asylum Seeking Families and Young People
• The Road to Resilience: Creating Independence in Families
• Working with Fathers and Male Carers

For further information, please see: Essex Social Care Academy Social care course open to external agencies

E- Learning Course
• Safeguarding
• Working Together to Support Children and Families
• Approaches to Assessment
• Engaging with Parents
• Information Sharing
• Common Core of Skills and Knowledge
• Domestic Violence and Abuse
• Hidden Harm
• Working with Children with Disabilities

For further information please see: Essex Social Care Academy – Partnership Face to Face E Learning Course details


  • Good Morning

    I wondering could i be registered to the website ESCA Adult Social Care

    Many Thanks

    Aghogho Ibe
    ASCC Social worker Practitioner

    • Hi Aghogho,

      This post is from 5 years ago so I’m not sure if the links still work. The best thing to do would be to contact the ESCA directly.

      Chelmsford CVS.

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