Kids Inspire  ~  Family Bridges Project in Chelmsford, Essex

Target Group:

  • Families of children with complex social, emotional and behavioural needs who have difficulty accessing services.
  • Children and Young People  who:
    • Have experienced Trauma
    • Live  within a household where adult mental health issues impede personal development
    • Live with Domestic Abuse (past present)
    • Find it difficult to express their feelings
    • ‘Act out’ aggressively
    • Have had involvement with social care

Family Bridges Therapy Offers:

  • Focus on what it means to live in an environment of aggression and violence.
  • Explores challenges family members face.
  • Family members an understanding of the emotions that lie behind violent behaviour and make sense of their relationships.
  • De-escalation is taught to prevent family breakdown.
  • Involves families in workshop design, development/delivery.
  • Changes family dynamics – teaching parent skills of empathic communication for addressing complex family patterns.


  • Semi-structured programme of workshops enabling flexibility and adaptability to respond to changes, to individual participants’ needs.
  • Increasing autonomy: empowering parents/carers/children to engage proactively in Encounter Centred Therapy, which by its nature teaches participants to facilitate their own outcomes, moving away from service-led delivery.
  • Ten therapeutic workshops, delivered to groups of six Children and Young People, determined by age and/or gender.
  • Five therapeutic workshops, delivered to groups of up to twelve parents/carers, determined by the makeup of the children’s groups.
    • Six hours of parent/child work learning Encounter Centred Therapy.

Referral forms can be requested by contacting

For a copy of the Criteria document, click here: Family Bridges Criteria

For a copy of the Family Bridges Referral form, click here: Referral Form Family Bridges (2)

Please gain consent from the family before making the referral.

Kids Inspire Family Bridges

Funded by Essex County Council

For further information:      01245 348707

Kids Inspire, Head Office, Fox Crescent, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 2BL

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