Keep it Clear

Keep It Clear is Anglian Water’s campaign to help reduce the misery, cost, bad smells and potential flooding and pollution caused by avoidable blockages. If you would like us to have a stand at your event to promote the campaign please contact Peter.

80% of sewer blockages are avoidable and caused by unflushables.

Avoidable blockages caused by unflushables lead to sewer flooding of homes and environmental pollution, which is distressing, costly to put right, and potentially devastating for wildlife and our local waterways and seas.

Don't create a monster in your pipes

You can help prevent pollution from avoidable blockages by making small changes in your kitchen and bathroom.

These changes will make a big difference to not only keeping our water flowing and your bills down, but protecting the environment as well. By only letting water go down your sink and only flushing water and the three Ps (poo, pee and toilet paper) down your loo, you help the water cycle. It makes it easier and cheaper for us to treat water and return it back  to rivers and waterways.