Chelmsford 100: Waxing & Painting Workshops at Kinetika

Please click on the button below to sign up for a session at Kinetika’s studios in Thurrock, where you will be able to wax and paint your flag in person!

Regrettably, they are limited to only 6 people per session, but you are welcome to go along as an individual if your group can’t find a day that works for everyone. You can also sign up for consecutive slots if you think 2 hours might not be long enough.

To sign-up, simply type your name into the relevant slot and close the excel sheet. You do not have to save the sheet or send it to anyone, this will be done automatically.

Directions to the studio can be found on Kinetika’s website HERE but if you have any concerns or questions about getting there then please email Sally ( or George:

Thank you!