Your Local CVS

Centre Supporting Voluntary Action is an independent support and development organisation (sometimes called CVS) set up to champion, support and strengthen local charities, voluntary and community groups. As a local charity ourselves, we: 

  • Believe that voluntary and community action is essential for vibrant and caring local communities.
  • Offer specialist information and support to enable local people to develop the skills needed to run successful voluntary groups.
  • Spread good practice, encourage joint working, and discourage duplication of effort
  • Help groups to find funding and make effective use of resources.
  • Encourage local people to make changes in their local community by getting involved in voluntary and community action.
  • Working with a variety of partners, develop and host local projects to help strengthen communities and meet identified need.
  • Promote equality and diversity by fostering a wider understanding of the needs of disadvantaged and under-represented groups.
  • Help public bodies to engage effectively with local voluntary organisations and community groups.
  • Ensure policy makers understand the needs of local voluntary organisations and community groups.

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