Chelmsford Compact

The Chelmsford Compact Working Together was first launched in 2004 and has worked well locally, but was overdue for a refresh.
The local Compact Working Group initiated a full review of Chelmsford Compact during 2010/11, to ensure that it is as up to date as possible. This included referencing the Essex Compact, the National Compact (2010), Best Value Guidance and local data on how the Compact was working.

The new draft was made available for comment from June 2011, and a number of suggestions for revisions were received from both the voluntary and statutory sector.  Thank you to all agencies who submitted a response, to members of the Compact Working group who devoted a lot of time and energy to the review process, and to the Essex Compact Steering Group who offered invaluable support. We hope you will remain involved as the Chelmsford Compact develops further.

Chelmsford Compact, Working Together (2011) can be downloaded here. If you would prefer a printed version, or other format, please contact Chelmsford City Council at:

Recently published Best Value Statutory Guidance and information on how this may be used in local negotiations can be found here.

Chelmsford Compact is a live document and we welcome suggestions for future improvements or changes as the new Best Value Statutory Guidance beds in. We also want to know how both are working for you in Chelmsford.  Please email: