Chelmsford 4 Good


Since 2013, staff here at the Centre Supporting Voluntary Action have been actively showcasing local voluntary and community action to local businesses. There are over 11,500 in Chelmsford and we want as many as possible to know about the work that local charities do and suggest ways that they can help with time, skills, resources and money too (if they are willing!).

The Centre Supporting Voluntary Action has taken up the licence to join the 4 Good family, and have launched Chelmsford 4 Good. The initiative won’t take away any great relationships that you may have already built with companies, but seeks to show others what can be done in small ways to give back to communities.

Any business can give; it’s just a matter of finding something that’s easy to broker. Chelmsford 4 Good is also a tried and tested way that smaller charities can operate an online ‘shop’ and claim gift aid.

To find out more information on Chelmsford 4 Good, click here to visit the website.